New Album Release on TYXart records
Album "Plateaux": Release TYXart records

- CD: Friday May 03, 2024 ***Germany***

- digital: from Friday May 17, 2024 ***worldwide***

- CD: from Friday June 06, 2024 ***worldwide***

Single "Cycle": Release (digital, int'l, Hi-Res-Audio) Friday April 26, 2024

Clara Haberkamp says of the single release, “Cycle”. “This piece evokes a system that keeps returning to the place where it started, to paths and situations that have already been experienced in a similar form. But rather than being repetitive, new musical levels and dimensions are always being created by rebuilding the original structure. By constantly circling, things develop, widen and increase in energy. There is a glimpse of infinity within a form that allows growth, change and multidimensionality. It reminds me of a phoenix, a moon, or the rhythm of day and night, and that brings me into a state where I feel calm, relaxed – but completely alive.” (Sebastian Scotney)

Clara Haberkamp - piano
Oliver Potratz - bass
Jarle Vespestad - drums
theartsdesk at Salzburg Jazz & the City Festival
"An afternoon solo piano set on Saturday from rapidly rising German star pianist Clara Haberkamp was attended by well over 1000 people. She has a daunting musical brain, capable of playing multi-dimensional games of counterpoint and voice-leading… but then, by stealth, Mehldau-ishly perhaps, she can melt the heart with a ballad like her own tune “Mein Herz ist unterwegs”, played with limpid clarity and unmistakable emotional depth." (Sebastian Scotney)

Artistic director: Anastasia Wolkenstein
NDR Kultur á la carte EXTRA
live bei NDR Kultur à la carte EXTRA am 11.01.2023
Konzert und Interview 🎹
Moderation: Claus Röck
"Größtmögliche Entfaltung - die Jazzpianistin Clara Haberkamp" 🎤
Über das + geht's zur Radio Show
Play Jazz! NDR Jazzkonzert: Clara Haberkamp Trio
Play Jazz!
NDR Jazzkonzert: Clara Haberkamp Trio
Dienstag, 14. November 2023, 22:33 bis 23:30 Uhr

Am Mikrofon: Claudia Hartmann

Im Oktober 2023 beging Clara Haberkamp mit ihrem neuen Trio, das gemeinsam die Kontraste in der Musik feiert, den Auftakt der NDR Jazzkonzerte 2023/24 im Rolf-Liebermann-Studio. Mit Oliver Potratz hat sie einen der vielseitigsten deutschen Bassisten an ihrer Seite, mit Jarle Vespestad (u.a. Tord Gustavsen Trio) einen der gefragtesten Schlagzeuger Skandinaviens. "Wir spielen auf Augenhöhe und sind in jedem Moment bereit, in neue Richtungen zu gehen. Dazu gehört eine große Risikobereitschaft. Da kann ich auch mal die Verantwortung abgeben und mich fallen lassen."

Foto von Peter Hundert
Clara Haberkamp Trio live @ Jazzclub A-Trane Berlin
Clara Haberkamp - piano
Jarle Vespestad - drums
Oliver Potratz - bass
New collaboration with booking agency AGENTUR WOLKENSTEIN
I'm very happy to announce a new collaboration with the booking agency AGENTUR WOLKENSTEIN.
From now on Anastasia Wolkenstein will be your first point of contact for any booking requests.

Agentur Wolkenstein
Phone +49 (0) 941-50477-67
Mobile +49 (0) 160-1531978
Agentur Wolkenstein
jazzahead! 2022 - Clara Haberkamp Trio
Yamaha Artist
I am very happy to have recently become a member of the Yamaha Artist Piano family. Special thanks to Imme Masberg and Yamaha Music Europe! (Photo by Merlin Ettore)
Mein Herz ist unterwegs - Clara Haberkamp @ Musikbrauerei, Berlin | LIVE IN BERLIN by
Great thanks to and Beat Halberschmidt for this athmospheric video which adds a mystic touch to my composition
‚my heart is on the road‘ based on these words: Mein Herz ist unterwegs/Am Horizont der Nacht/Vermut’ ich dein Gesicht/Hüll’ mich ein wie ein Gedicht (My heart is on the road/ On the horizon of the night/ I imagine your face/ Enfold me like a poem) words by Clara Haberkamp, translation by Sebastian Scotney
Special thanks to @yamahapianosofficial for the beautiful YAMAHA grand piano CF6
Nominierung für den Deutschen Jazzpreis 2022