Clara Haberkamp Trio live @ Jazzclub A-Trane Berlin
Clara Haberkamp - piano
Jarle Vespestad - drums
Oliver Potratz - bass
NDR Kultur á la carte EXTRA
live bei NDR Kultur à la carte EXTRA am 11.01.2023
Konzert und Interview 🎹
Moderation: Claus Röck
"Größtmögliche Entfaltung - die Jazzpianistin Clara Haberkamp" 🎤
Über das + geht's zur Radio Show
Mein Herz ist unterwegs - Clara Haberkamp @ Musikbrauerei, Berlin | LIVE IN BERLIN by berta.berlin
Great thanks to berta.berlin and Beat Halberschmidt for this athmospheric video which adds a mystic touch to my composition
‚my heart is on the road‘ based on these words: Mein Herz ist unterwegs/Am Horizont der Nacht/Vermut’ ich dein Gesicht/Hüll’ mich ein wie ein Gedicht (My heart is on the road/ On the horizon of the night/ I imagine your face/ Enfold me like a poem) words by Clara Haberkamp, translation by Sebastian Scotney
Special thanks to @yamahapianosofficial for the beautiful YAMAHA grand piano CF6

jazzahead! 2022 - Clara Haberkamp Trio
Yamaha Music Europe
In March 2022, Yamaha launches the all-new Yamaha SLB300PRO. Yamaha Artist Chris Minh Doky premieres, together with Clara Haberkamp and Silvan Strauß this state-of-the art upright Silent Bass performing the song Home Sweet Home, written by Chris Minh Doky.
Yamaha Artist
I am very happy to have recently become a member of the Yamaha Artist Piano family. Special thanks to Imme Masberg and Yamaha Music Europe! (Photo by Merlin Ettore)
Nominierung für den Deutschen Jazzpreis 2022
New collaboration with booking agency AGENTUR WOLKENSTEIN
I'm very happy to announce a new collaboration with the booking agency AGENTUR WOLKENSTEIN.
From now on Anastasia Wolkenstein will be your first point of contact for any booking requests.

Agentur Wolkenstein
Phone +49 (0) 941-50477-67
Mobile +49 (0) 160-1531978
E-Mail mail@agentur-wolkenstein.de
Agentur Wolkenstein
New Album "Reframing the Moon" Out Now!
Released on Malletmuse Records (VÖ 13.08.2021)